Condition of your home

Stock condition

All the items within your home have an expected lifespan. As there are many variables that can influence the condition of these items, we need to regularly assess the items in your home to ensure that they meet current housing standards, such as those set out in the Decent Homes legislation.

What is the ‘Decent Homes Standard’?

Decent Homes is a standard set down by the Government, which they expect 95% of all social housing to meet by 2010. In order to meet the Decent Homes Standard, a home should be warm, weatherproof and have reasonably modern facilities.

Our central database

When our local surveyors carry out a survey of the items in your home, they collect information about the age and condition of each item. This information is entered onto our central database and provides us with a guide to the remaining lifespan of the items in your home. This helps us to plan for future improvement work.

Have your say 

You can complete the online condition of your home survey to give us your views on the condition of certain items in your home.

Don’t forget to fill in the Customer Satisfaction survey that you will receive in the post after any work is completed on your home.

Every month all the completed surveys returned to us will be entered into a prize draw.